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OSU Cow/Calf Boot Camp!

SUNUP Video April 2012

The 2nd OSU Cow/Calf Boot Camp was held April 23-24-25, 2012 in Kellyville, Oklahoma.  The organizers, made up of Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service county educators and area specialists, drew on knowledge gained from the first camp to make the April 2012 camp an even bigger success.  The last day included a visit to a working cattle ranch, highlighted in the video below.


48 attendees, from AR, FL, KS, OK and TX, graduated from the camp after three days of classroom, workshop and hands-on training.  Here are a few of their comments:

"Don't change a thing.  It was great."

"Very good training to provide current knowledge and information regarding cattle production."

"Well done.  Liked all the presentations."

"Any rancher should be required to attend this type of class as a minimum to try to be a responsible operator."

"The program is awesome and has information to help any beginning or mature rancher/farmer."

"The classes were very good.  The food was absolutely fantastic!!"


Until the next camp comes around, take a look at this brief Sunup video from the 3rd day of camp in April 2012.








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