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OSU Cow/Calf Boot Camp!

2016 Photos

Dr. Barry Whitworth (Area Food & Animal Health Specialist) showing the participants how to collect DNA and blood. 

Dr. Whitworth 2016

Brian Freking (SE Area Livestock Specialist) instructing the group during the ranch tour.

Freking 2016

Cody Linker (Lincoln Co) helps a table work through the forage exercise. 

Linker 2016

Dr. Laura Goodman (OSU Plant & Soil Science) helping a group with the forage exercise.

Dr. Goodman 2016

Dr. Geidt (OSU Vet Med) speaks to the group about animal health.

Dr. Geidt 2016

2016 CCBC Participants

Group 2016

Group 2016 2

Dr. Lalman (OSU Animal Science) speaks to the group on supplementation.

Dr. Lalman 2016

Dr. Stein (OSU Animal Science) talks to the group about reproduction.

Dr. Stein 2016

Brian Pugh (NE Area Agronomy Specialist) answering questions on soil fertility.

Pugh 2016 2

Dr. Rocateli (OSU Plant and Soil Science) shows the group how to measure forage height in the pasture.

Rocateli 2016

Pugh 2016


If you are interested in attending an OSU Cow/Calf Boot Camp click HERE to be put on the waiting list for the next camp.

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